Royal Kendama

The team behind Royal Kendama have over 30 years experience manufacturing and playing with skill-toys. We’ve always loved kendama – they’ve always been in our pockets, on our shelves and in our hands – and its been with much joy we’ve witnessed the scene flourish in to the community around us

We knew when we started the Royal project we needed to make something special.

We wanted to create a great quality kendama for all styles of play – firm and stable for the balances, light and agile for the aerial kids, precise and fluid for the spike fanatics. This kendama had to tick all the boxes.

Taking inspiration from the competition specifications of Japan and the BKA, we went to work on the Ken, Cups and Tama. Old school wisdom and new-school methods were all thrown in the crucible. Collaborating with renown expert The Void as our chief designer, and getting input from kendama players worldwide, we made a model that’s perfect for beginners and pros alike. The Royal Kendama M.O. is clear – we stand proudly in the traditions of the past, but with eyes firmly fixed on the future.

We also knew the price had to be right – but we weren’t willing to compromise on quality. So we tweaked and re-designed and worried and then, when we had the final prototypes made, they looked like Royalty – there was no question what we were calling them.

We Want to Hear From You

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The Royal Kendama is Approved for Gradings and Competitions by the British Kendama Association.