Where to Start ?

So you’ve bagged yourself your first kendama? Congratulations – you’re on a lifelong path of trick discovery and personal development – it’s also the key to a community of people pushing each other and growing together. You’ve made a great choice.

The trick possibilities with kendama are near infinite. But we all have to start somewhere, right? Here’s a playlist of instructional videos to get you started.

Although these are some of the earliest ‘starter’ tricks that you may learn, if you get to grips with the correct techniques shown here, you can apply them to all the tricks you’ll learn in the future. It’s important to nail the fundamentals in order to develop as a player. Even the most simple trick is satisfying and beautiful if done with style and confidence.

Getting the basics right will take you a *very* long way in kendama play!

Looking for more to learn ? Check out the Trick Archive on the Kendama Forum,
or The Books by The Void & Donald Grant.

The Brief History of The Kendama

Kendama came from Japan in the early 20th century – evolving from centuries of cup-and-ball tradition, and especially the French Bilboquet.

In 1975 the Japanese Kendama Association was formed with the aim of spreading kendama’s popularity, and making it playable as a sport, as well as just for fun. They created a grading system with 10 “kyu” (beginner) grades, and 6 “dan” (master) grades, which players can work through by scoring consistently at a set range of tricks, which get harder as you progress through the grades. Currently, there are approximately 30-40 6th Dan players – all Japanese. If you want to challenge yourself, why not see if you can make your way through the official Kendama Grading Trick Tables.

In the early 21st century, with the advent of the internet, kendama tricks and culture began to spread to the Western world, and now players from all over the globe are putting their own spin and freestyle ideas on exactly what “kendama” is, or can be. Sharing tricks on social media, posting “grain” photos, showing off longer edited videos of your skills, and joining in online chat and competitions: Join in, and share the fun of the ever-evolving journey!

Looking for Inspiration ?

Check Out this selection of our favourite Kendama Videos and see some of the hottest players out there strutting their stuff.

If this whets your appetite, then head over to the Juggling.tv Kendama Channel for an unhealthy helping of Kendama videos.

For online discussions and the latest Kendama News on events and competitions pay a visit to the British Kendama Association

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